Club Mystery Tour 2023

Club Mystery Tour 2023 a

We started a mystery tour at Ella and Alan Veltheon’s place. They had an incredible Wurlitzer, which was totally hand built. What an astonishing feat of engineering! The sound was fantastic. After listening to it belting out a few tunes we had an explanation from Allen on the history of its assembly. Then we were off to the second stop.

Mike and Viola Barton’s collection was quite a unique assortment of signs and cars. A¬†fantastic display of a 50s-type barber shop and shoe shine
stand. Many old signs on the walls were from yesteryear businesses from Modesto. What a great collection!

Then it was off to the last stop of club member Don Wendstrand. We got to see a great home garage with everything from Atlantic series cars to a collection of mint-condition hot rods. Including a truly beautiful 72 Porsche, and a very nice catered lunch in a fantastic setting. A big thanks to all those involved in helping to put this together. A delightful day was had!



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